Find Your Fit

At Ella Coco Lingerie, we focus on empowering women with learning to look at “fit” by knowing what to look for.

Most women are surprised when they hear us say they aren't necessarily one bra size, and that a fitting isn't just having someone measure you. When we are finding your fit we are factoring in your measurement, your body shape, breast shape, what your needs are and more to help you find bras that are supportive, comfortable and meet your needs.

Here is an overview of how we determine fit:

1. Your band should be snug. Although snug is a pretty general term, if you turn side ways in a mirror and see that your band is higher in the back than in the front, it's too loose, it should be tight enough to stay parallel to the floor around your back. You should only be able to pull your band out a couple of inches in the back, if you have more room than that it could be too loose to provide proper support.

2. All of your breast tissue should be within the cup with no space in the cup. If your breast tissue is spilling out anywhere, your cup is too small. If there is gaping or puckering in the cup, the cup could be too big (this could also mean a different style is needed for your breast shape).

3. The center wires (gore) should ideally sit against your breastbone and separate the breasts. If the center wires are sitting on the breast tissue or away from your chest, a size or style adjustment may be needed.

4. Your straps should be adjusted so that they are snug against your shoulder with two fingers stacked on top of each other.

5. The frame of the bra should be what is best for your breast shape - not all styles work for all breasts.

What to Expect in the Fitting Room

When you come to us for a bra fitting we start by taking a couple of measurements in the bra you are wearing. These measurements give us a starting point for the fitting and determine what size we pull for a fitting bra. Having you try on a fitting bra will allow us see if any size adjustments need to be made and determine how we can expect other brands and styles to fit you. Once we have your fit, we will talk to you about what you are looking for and what preferences you may have and then bring you a selection of bras that will make you feel great!

We strive to make it a comfortable and fun process and most women share that it was much easier than they expected it would be!

What to Expect Shopping Online

We are happy to arrange a phone consultation with you prior to making your purchase. We can help guide you through measuring or discuss any issues you may be having with your current fit and suggest where to start for size. Once you receive the bra we can talk again and help you determine if the bra is fitting you the way it should. Our flexible return policy means we will work with you to find your fit! 

Please contact us at (780)416-0900 or if you need assistance shopping with us online.

How to measure

1. Stand in front of a mirror wearing your best fitting bra, you will need a fabric measuring tape or if you do not have one you can use a string and a regular measuring tape to measure your markings on the string.

2. Measure around your body (in inches) underneath your bust where your breasts meet your body. The tape should be snug (but not cutting in), parallel to the floor and you should not hold your breath. This is your BAND size - if you measure an uneven number, round up.

3. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, again making sure the tape is level around your body and not so tight to cut into your breast tissue. The difference between this measurement and your band size will determine your cup size. For every inch difference you will go up a cup size.

I.e. Your band measurement is 34, your bust measurement is 39 = 34E


      Your band measurement is 35, your bust measurement is 39 = 36C